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Gavin Kongboon is an online private English conversation teacher.  He provides English conversation lessons through Skype, or Google Hangouts for upper beginner to advanced level students.  The classes focus on carrying everyday conversations, talking about current events, vocabulary building, reading and writing for everyday English conversations.  Click here to get a 1-hour English learning action plan!

Problems Learners Are Having

Since I’ve been teaching English conversation classes, the main problem I see has been students learning with teachers that only stick to the textbook and don’t have actual conversations with the students.  The problem with many textbooks is that they usually teach formal and un engaging conversation topics. It’s very important that students get many chances to answer long and complex conversational questions with teachers that spend more time listening than talking.  Last many students learn with teachers who can’t even hold a normal conversation in their mother tongue. If the teacher can’t hold a meaningful conversation, how can they effectively teach someone else conversation skills? Students should be able to discuss any topics they want and have a teacher who can follow what the student wants to talk about instead of just sticking to the topics that the teacher likes.  

Who’s this Course For?

  • Do you want to focus more on natural conversation speaking?

  • Do you want to learn on a flexible schedule?

  • Do you want a teacher that will be patient with you?

  • Do you want plenty of opportunities to speak instead of being lectured?

  • Do you want to talk about different topics every class instead of the same topics every time?

  • Do you want to learn with a teacher that allows you to select conversation topics?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions then this trial class is perfect for you

Who’s the Course Not For?

  • People who are absolute beginners at speaking English

  • People who can’t read or write at an upper beginner level

  • People who can’t hold a basic conversation or give basic opinions about things they like or dislike

  • People who don’t like to answer complex questions

  • People who don’t like to have one on one conversations

  • People who don’t want to practice outside of taking this class

What People Say About Me

Mr.Gavin taught me much native English. His class is not only from textbook he supports you in a real world English.  He can organize the curriculum properly for each students.If you study with him,your English skill will get better soon.

Juri NakanishiPersonal Assistant

Mr. Gavin is an earnest English teacher. I’m learning English conversation from him at language school in Thailand. Every time he’s trying to understand my story when I cannot tell him with my poor English words. I can feel how he thinks things straightly and deeply by discussion that we have in the lesson. Though we usually use textbook, he teaches flexible with student situation and he gives me reading advice before my English exam. Also, He teaches me many practical idiomatic expressions that I cannot learn from textbook and that is fun of his lesson.

Hiroaki Kuroda

Gavin is a calm, kind and patient English teacher.  When I make mistakes, I don’t care about it.
I don’t get tense in his lessons at all.  I can try to speak English over and over, so I become talkative and really enjoy his lessons.  He is Thai, but he was born and grew up in America.  So we can learn about Thai and American culture. It’s very interesting.  He is a good English teacher.  I recommend you to take his English lesson.

Kyoko ObaClerk in a patent attorney office

What Will Happen During the Trial Lesson

First e will start the lesson by having a short conversation to get to know each other.  This allows me to see your level of English and to make sure we are a good fit for each other in terms of the private lessons.

I will start by asking the following questions:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What do you do?
  4. What do you like about your city?
  5. What do you like to do for fun?
  6. Tell me about an event from your past?
  7. What are your plans over the next year?
  8. Where have you studied English in the past?
  9. What are your goals for learning English?

Next we will find things that you like to read or watch, and plan a schedule for you to practice English.

After both of us answer these questions I will have you ask me about 5 questions to see your ability with keeping up a conversation.  Finally after all the questions have been answered, we will begin the lesson so you can get a feel for how I teach.

Depending on your needs I’ll prepare an appropriate lesson for you.  Usually I use different reading material for each class with vocabulary, comprehension questions and discussion.  I also use Cambridge Interchange 5th edition and teach using TV shows or movies.  

Benefits for Learning English with Gavin

  • You get to learn English in a casual friendly environment

  • You will get plenty of time to speak and ask questions instead of being lectured to

  • Shy students will feel at ease with Gavin’s easy going nature

  • You can feel free to discuss any kinds of topics.  Gavin is comfortable talking about any topic

  • You will practice explaining vocabulary words as well as using them in context to show understanding

  • Topics will always be up to date and relevant for today’s lifestyle as well as popular topics on the internet

  • You will get in depth explanations for all of your questions.  Your questions are very important and deserve complex and concise answers

  • Lessons will be in a shared Google Drive folder in PDF format so everything will be organized and easy to find

About Gavin Kongboon

Gavin Kongboon is a private English conversation teacher from Cupertino, California for adults who are already working.  He has spent most of his time teaching Japanese and Thai students. Gavin has been teaching English conversation classes since 2014.  His experience started in 2013 when he taught Thai high school aged children basic English for free on the weekends. While teaching for free in Thailand he realized that he enjoyed teaching small groups of people instead of large classrooms.  

After graduating from UC Riverside, Gavin worked as an account executive for Shuttle Computer Group for about 1 year.  During this time he realized that the traditional office environment wasn’t for him and he wanted to do something on his own.  After finishing graduating from CSU Los Angeles, Gavin built custom computers for people for about 2 years. After this time he realized that he wanted to do work that involved interacting with people.  Gavin enjoys reading, hiking and playing video games in his spare time. Gavin also enjoys meeting new people through teaching English conversation in Bangkok, Thailand.