About Me

Gavin Kongboon is a private English conversation teacher for adults who are already working.  He has spent most of his time teaching Japanese and Thai students. Gavin has been teaching English conversation classes since 2014.  His experience started in 2013 when he taught Thai high school aged children basic English for free on the weekends. While teaching for free in Thailand he realized that he enjoyed teaching small groups of people instead of large classrooms.  

After graduating from UC Riverside, Gavin worked as an account executive for Shuttle Computer Group for about 1 year.  During this time he realized that the traditional office environment wasn’t for him and he wanted to do something on his own.  After finishing graduating from CSU Los Angeles, Gavin built custom computers for people for about 2 years. After this time he realized that he wanted to do work that involved interacting with people.  Gavin enjoys reading, hiking and playing video games in his spare time. Gavin also enjoys meeting new people through teaching English conversation in Bangkok, Thailand.

What I Can Do For You

Are you looking for an English conversation teacher that doesn’t stick to textbooks and grammar worksheets?  If so you’ve come to the right place 🙂 My private classes are for anyone looking to practice having conversations about anything.  Practicing natural conversation is always better than something in a textbook. Each lesson will include a lesson plan on a different conversation topic.  Each lesson has basic questions relating to the topic, vocabulary words, short reading, true and false statements, and discussion questions about the topic.  The lesson plan doesn’t need to be followed perfectly, we can go off topic anytime, I usually let the conversation go wherever it goes.

Before signing up for any of the packages, please do a trial lesson first to see if my teaching style is a right fit for you.