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Hi I’m Gavin 🙂 Are you looking for an online English conversation teacher? If so then you’ve come to the right place. These online classes focus on real life topics which focus on speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary building and in depth discussion so you can feel more confident speaking to native English speakers. You’ll get real time feedback on how you are speaking and what you should do to improve on so you can sound more like a native speaker. My lessons are taught 1 on 1 through Skype or Google Hangouts. Click below to get a 1-hour action plan for learning and practicing English.

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Why you should learn English with me

I’ve always loved having in depth 1 on 1 conversations with people so teaching private English conversation classes comes naturally to me.  Since I’ve been teaching, I have noticed the pros and cons of different kinds of teachers that teach privately. The biggest problem is most teachers focus on lecturing the students from a textbook instead of giving the students a chance to actually speak.  If a student doesn’t want to talk much then a bigger English class would be better suited for them. I make sure each that each lesson is on a different topic so we don’t run out of things to say or vocabulary words to learn. Allowing students to choose their own conversation topics and prepare questions has helped many students with leading conversations in the real world.  For intermediate learners it can be easy to answer basic questions from the teacher, but it can be a challenge when they have to start asking the questions and leading conversations. My classes help prepare students be more confident in asking questions in the real world. So if you’re an intermediate level English speaker who enjoys having conversations about any topic then sign up for a free English learning action plan!

What others say about me

Mr.Gavin taught me much native English. His class is not only from textbook he supports you in a real world English.  He can organize the curriculum properly for each students.If you study with him,your English skill will get better soon.

Juri NakanishiPersonal Assistant

Gavin is a calm, kind and patient English teacher.  When I make mistakes, I don’t care about it.  I don’t get tense in his lessons at all.  I can try to speak English over and over, so I become talkative and really enjoy his lessons.  He is Thai,
but he was born and grew up in America.  So we can learn about Thai and American culture. It’s very interesting.  He is a good English teacher.  I recommend you to take his English lesson.

Kyoko ObaPatent Office Clerk

Mr. Gavin is an earnest English teacher. I’m learning English conversation from him at language school in Thailand. Every time he’s trying to understand my story when I cannot tell him with my poor English words. I can feel how he thinks things straightly and deeply by discussion that we have in the lesson. Though we usually use textbook, he teaches flexible with student situation and he gives me reading advice before my English exam. Also, He teaches me many practical idiomatic expressions that I cannot learn from textbook and that is fun of his lesson.

Hiroaki Kuroda